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David Bosco es el primer profesor que desarrolló un trabajo continuado de forró en la ciudad de Barcelona. Con más de 20 años de experiencia y toda una vida dedicada a bailar, David dirige su propia escuela de baile Cafofo, ya toda una referencia en la ciudad. Forró, samba de gafieira, zouk, samba no pé son algunos de los estilos enseñados en su escuela para adultos y niños. Le acompaña en todas sus clases su actual y fiel compañera, Isabelle Monti. Isa es de Suécia, pero lleva muchos años viviendo en Barcelona, y en los últimos años se ha formado con los más expertos bailarines, adquiriendo una profunda comprensión y ligereza en su baile. Una prueba de que la sensibilidad y el alma del baile no tiene nacionalidad, preferencia, ni color.



We are very happy to receive Juliana Freire directly from Sao Paulo with her project Forró das Bonita. She has been developing her endeavors in the world of dance for more than 20 years with a political emphasis, with "rebellious practices", feminist, anti-capitalist and anti-colonialist motives. Teacher of dance by the University of Bahia, Communication in Body Arts by the PUC-SP, yoga instructor… no need to say much more! We are waiting for you all to enjoy this super sereia in our 3rd edition!



Juliana Braga, born in Brazil, has been a dance teacher and dancer in Amsterdam for many years. She teaches several Brazilian dances and currently lives in Faro (Portugal), where she has already started planning cultural activities. With decades of experience in Brazil and abroad, Juliana stands that the basis of all dance is musicality, body awareness, and expression. And so she shares her knowledge and elegance everywhere in Europe.

In 2007, Juliana Braga opened her school in the heart of Amsterdam. In addition to regular classes, Juliana is an attentive cultural promoter who organizes children's activities and monthly cultural activities where she invites different dancers and musicians from the Netherlands and Brazil.



Milena Monteiro was born dancing in Olinda, Brazil. From a very young age, she was involved in the Frevo universe and learned to relate to the world through her moving body. She moved to Switzerland where, in addition to being active in the world of forró, she is also a tireless producer, always organizing groups, residencies, workshops for Brazilian artists, concerts and festivals. She works at Adalu, she created Maradalu and Yabás. Milena is the perfect personification of our mermaid: black, dancing and inclusive in every sea that she surfs. She will teach classes with Axel de Barros.


Axel was born in Rio de Janeiro and has been living in Geneva since 2016. He teaches regular classes for the Forró group in Geneva. In 2010 Axel began his studies at the traditional dance school of Jaime Arôxa, in Rio de Janeiro. He learned forró and other dance styles, such as samba de gafieira, zouk, bolero and salsa. Axel loves to mix forró with other dance styles, such as gafieira and tango, and he explores a lot of footwork, contact and musicality.



David Bosco is the first teacher who developed a continuous work in forró in the city of Barcelona. With more than 20 years of experience and a lifetime dedicated to dancing, David runs his own dance school Cafofo, already a reference in the city. Forró, samba de gafieira, zouk, samba no pé are some of the styles taught at his school for adults and children. He is accompanied in all his classes by his current and faithful companion, Isabelle Monti. Isa is from Sweden, but she has been living in Barcelona for many years, and in recent years she has trained with the most expert dancers, acquiring a deep understanding and lightness in her dance. Proof that the sensibility and soul of dance have no nationality, preference, or color.



Leni Verissimo feat Jeca Mó + Mercedes Ayzpurua+ Amanda M4L0KV + Karina Martins

Leni Verissimo is from Caruaru, Brazil, the origin of forró. She has been living in France for a few years and there she develops her work as a performer of Brazilian music. She has a repertoire of classics that will make us travel back in time to deep Brazil. She will be the host of the Baile das Nordestinas, receiving Jeca Mó, a singer-songwriter living in Barcelona who comes from Sergipe (Brazil) and enchants all the forro dancers with her deep and unmistakable voice. They will be accompanied by Karina Martins, a singer from Pernambuco (Brazil) and Amanda M4LOKV multi-artist, composer and activist from northeastern Brazil. That night also will be present Mercedes Ayzpurua, the most beloved Basque sanfoneira in Spain, and Jabu Morales, our artistic director and founder of Madame Baião, the traditional forró women band on Sundays in Barcelona.



Banda Sereia is a multicultural big band made up of women residing in Barcelona that has Brazilian music as its meeting point. Created and coordinated by Jabu Morales, on vocals and percussion. The band has at its core Mercedes Ayzpurua, a respected Basque accordionist in the world of forró for more than 15 years, and Cecília Debergh, a French woman living in Barcelona with a long path of research into rhythms from the African diaspora. As guests, they will receive: Sol Homar, Uruguayan percussionist; Sicilian bandolin player Lety Barbera; Anna Alari Franco-Italian clarinetist; Anna Tréa Brazilian guitarist and singer; Francesca Frigeri Italian singer; Malena Cousinet Argentine saxophonist and Carol Durán Catalan violinist.



We are honored to bring this immense artist,

Negadeza is the third generation of women weavers of popular culture in Pernambuco and has been playing and singing since she was 10 years old. Her grandmother is Selma do Coco, one of the greatest references of the "coco de roda", musical genre from Pernambuco. Her mother, Dona Aurinha do Coco, was also an inspiration for her and for a whole generation of admirers and researchers of the most authentic traditional Brazilian music. With more than 30 years of dedication to music, this year she comes with her delighted pandeiro to share her art with us. Negadeza is one of the main references in the national pandeiro, representing the black women of the "batuque" of Brazilian popular culture.




A reference for Brazilian music in France, âMy B is a DJ and a musical and cultural producer from São Paulo who has settled in Lyon for a few years.

She is the first woman DJ who works only with Brazilian culture and the first woman specialized in forró in Europe.

Forró has always been a fundamental element in her work, although she travels in her sets through the wide range of Brazilidades. Every week, since 2017, she organizes “Forró da âMy”, the only weekly forró party in Lyon. She is also the vice-president of the Forró de Lyon association, with which she organizes monthly events, marathons, and the first Festival Forró de Lyon (May 2022). She has already participated in various festivals and dances in a few cities in Europe and Brazil!



Rodrigo Menezes is a native of Minas Gerais (Brazil) where he frequented "casas de forró" since he was young and has been dedicated to this passion for more than 2 decades. When he moved to Valencia, he missed dancing so much that he decided to create the first forró community in the city himself. He started the movement by giving regular classes himself, learning how to DJ, organizing parties, and has ended up directing the O Fole Roncou festival that annually gathers more than 1000 people from all over Europe every August.



Pedro BZ was born in Rio de Janeiro, but he has lived in Barcelona for many years and has become an important promoter of forró in the city of Barcelona. He was always a passionate researcher of forró and he has been doing it professionally for 3 years, promoting a weekly dance in Barcelona. A space where he presents the results of his musical research and invites other DJs within the forró scene, with the purpose of bringing new energies and influences to the local movement. He is also the captain of Forró Pirata, a cultural calendar on Instagram, which promotes Brazilian events in the city.


WORKSHOPS (Friday and Saturday)

Centre Cívic Can Felipa 

Pl. Josep Mª Huertas Claveria, 1 


SHOWS (Friday and Saturday)

Centre Artesà Tradicionarius 

 Plaça Anna Frank, s/n



Casal de Barri Pou de la Figuera

Carrer Sant Pere Més Baix, 70




Av. del Marquès de l'Argentera, 27


Jabu Morales has been a music artist for more than 20 years (composer, singer, and percussionist) and a producer and cultural promoter since she left Brazil in 2008. She has recorded 4 albums and visited more than 40 countries with her music. In Barcelona, ​​before starting the Sereia Festival, she brought a dozen artists and teachers of popular culture from Brazil to teach her students. She founded and coordinates many musical groups in the city such as Maracatu Mandacaru, Tambor de Saia and Madame Baião.

Jabu currently shares her life with her main job, the musical group Ayom, which makes her travel throughout Europe and the permanent activities she develops in the city, the Sereia Festival, and her family.


Juliana Studied architecture in Brazil, her homeland, but her love of culture has inspired a change in her professional path. She has lived in Barcelona for 21 years. For 10 years she has been working on the production of cultural projects in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, with experience in music and film festivals. She has directed Cinema Lliure a la Platja for 7 years, is one of the co-founders of Festival Sereia, and the head of production at Mammaproof. She stands out for her love for music and passion for the maracatu.



Irene is Catalan by birth with a Brazilian heart. Some people ​​say the stork was on its way to Brazil but accidentally fell in Cerdanyola del Vallès. She is passionate about culture, dance, and music, and ten years ago, she discovered forró in Barcelona. Since then, it became an addiction for her, making her travel to forró festivals all over Europe. This passion has led her to collaborate and work for different events to promote Brazilian popular culture in Barcelona.


Art director; event producer and communicator Flavia, has been working with marketing and communication for over 20 years and out of a great love for the arts she created her youtube channel which she calls expressions; with more than 100,000 views, it brings interviews with artists, street art and music.

Flavia is creator of the Tropicalize o Baile event; a big party in celebration of Tropicalia Brasiliera

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